Shirt Details & Quality

Shirt Quality

Mujae shirts are sewn with a minimum of 18 to 22 stitches per inch. Our stitching is perfected with single needle stitching, giving each shirt strong flat seams.  Our shirts are handmade by some of the top tailors in Canada and Italy.  All collars are hand-cut and hand-turned.

We uphold a standard of high quality construction, always consistent with every shirt we make.  Mujae shirts are produced with cotton fabrics no less than 2 ply cottons in the high 120’s to high 160’s thread counts.  Our cotton fabric styles are carefully handpicked from some of the finest mills all over Europe.  This is of course in combination with our signature silk fabrics used for contrast.  We utilize only high luxury silks such as silk velvet and silk charmeuse for our innovative combinations.

Mujae has managed to integrate the high standards of quality bespoke tailoring into our ready to wear collections.   Our patterns have been perfected so that each shirt attains a tailored fit like no other, across various body shapes and sizes.   With our unique blend of silks and high thread count cottons, Mujae shirts are amongst some of the most luxurious dress shirts globally.

Signature Mujae Silk Cuffs

Mujae is the first menswear brand to introduce complete inner and outer silk cuffs for men’s formal shirts.  The Mujae collection consists of two main styles of silk fabric combinations:

  • Silk Velvet French Cuffs
  • Silk Charmeuse Single Button Cuffs

18 to 20 stiches to the inch

This gives the shirt a strong more defined elegant seam throughout the body of the shirt.  To achieve these amounts of stitches per inch, Mujae tailors take their time in perfecting each stitch.  It is a slow detailed process and a true mark of a high quality shirt.

Pearlised cuff links with signature Mujae “M” logo

All of our French cuff styles include a pair of custom made white pearlised cuff links.  Each cufflink has been embossed with our signature handwritten “M“ logo, adding a more bespoke experience  to our shirts.

Design pattern matching

Mujae tailors take their time to ensure fabric designs are matched exactly at all points where the different parts of the shirts meet.   This blends the shirt together, giving a one piece fabric look.

Removable collar stays

Stabilizes the collar points to ensure the points sit perfectly on the collarbone. These removable stays, prolong the life of the collar when stays are removed before laundering or pressing.  High quality strong collar stays are included with every Mujae shirt.

Hand finishing and pressing is done to each shirt

After each shirt is made, our staff overview the garment to ensure perfection.  Once a review has been completed, the shirt is hand finished and then pressed before packaging.

Two-piece split yoke

Only the finest shirts in the world have this rare feature. Split yokes allow easy movement when lifting the arms. It gives the upper back and shoulder area a clean cut look and feel.

Premium interlinings

A strong collar needs high quality shrink-resistant fusing. Mujae only uses Italy-based interlinings, giving a smooth, even appearance.

Mujae Tailored Fit

As an innovative company, Mujae sets to create the perfect universal fit for the modern man.  We consulted with some of the top tailors from Italy to Canada, in defining a pattern that is tailored to multiple body types.